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Au dernier voile de sable
Jean-Philippe Pernot & Hélène Damville [see all titles]
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 Jean-Philippe Pernot & Hélène Damville Au dernier voile de sable
published in April 2018
French edition
11 x 18 cm (softcover)
48 pages (ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-37229-034-0
EAN: 9782372290340
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Au dernier voile de sable is a long erotic and learned poem which evoques the Greek mythology, written by Jean-Philippe Pernot, photographer and film maker. We can cross through the text Ouranos, Gaïa, Chronos, Baubo or Venus. It is illustrated by the reproductions of black and white surrealistic prints which represents bodies and bones, made by the young artist Hélène Damville.
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