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Mister Descartes and his Evil Genius

Jean-Paul Mongin, François Schwoebel - Mister Descartes and his Evil Genius
On a long, cold winter night, more than three hundred years ago, Mister Descartes is suddenly beset by profound doubts: Can I trust my senses, or am I fooled by illusions? Is there an Evil Genius behind all things? What if the outside world is only a dream? Is my own existence nothing but the product of my imagination?
Plato & Co. introduces children—and curious grown-ups—to the lives and work of famous philosophers, from Descartes to Socrates, Einstein, Marx, and Wittgenstein. Each book in the series features an engaging—and often funny—story that presents basic tenets of philosophical thought alongside vibrant color illustrations. Plato & Co.'s clear approach and charming illustrations make this series the perfect addition to any little library.
Jean-Paul Mongin is a philosopher who lives and works in Paris. He is the publisher of the French series Les petits Platons.
François Schwoebel lives in the Normandy countryside. After a degree in physics he worked in the field of informatics engineering. In 2004, he decided to become an illustrator of books.
Translated from the French by Anna Street (original title: Le Malin génie de monsieur Descartes, Les petits Platons, 2010).
published in January 2016
English edition
14,8 x 21,6 cm (hardcover)
64 pages (64 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03734-546-7
EAN : 9783037345467
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