Coloring books

Stéphane Le Mercier - Quatre motifs pour coudières et genouillères
Incertain Sens - Artist's books and editions
A series of four geometrical and minimalist patterns drawn in red, blue, and black, inspired by a cognitive ability test, a quote from Guy Debord and the publications of Fluxus artist Emmett Williams. This artist's book is printed on light paper sheets so the patterns can be traced and used as a decoration for elbow pads and knee pads.
Ed Fornieles - Micro Unit of Two
English edition
Cura. - Cura.books
Quoting excerpts from Keller Easterling's 2014 essay Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space, this coloring book tells the story of two characters, a fox (the artist) and a cat, and their special relationship, made of exotic travels, dreams and nightmares, struggles and desires.
Nina Fuga - Pink Canyons
no text
This artist's coloring book is a silent illustrated narrative of a sudden lust-filled encounter between a cowgirl and an Indian girl and their threatening journey through a psychedelic Wild West at night.
Ping Zhu - Blackout
no text
An erotic coloring artist's book juxtaposing scenes of intimacy and loneliness in the city at night.
Touda Bouanani - Re-monter le temps
bilingual edition (Arabic / French)
Kulte Editions
This “book-object” prompts the reader to piece together a fragmented narrative comprising texts and pictures to color, to copy, to associate…
 Dr Lakra - Coloring Book
no text
Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite
The Coloring Book by Dr. Lakra is the first BOM DIA Kinder book, a new series of children books made by artists.
 Moolinex - Sergent coloriage
United Dead Artists
Big size coloring book for adults.
Jef Geys - Kempens Informatieboek
French edition
currently out of stock
An artist's book / coloring book exploring various themes (world, body, masculinity, dream, the great priestesses of art history, objects, home).

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