La Réunion

 Fabienne Jonca & Bernard Leveneur - Ambroise Vollard - Un don singulier
French edition
Art centers, museums, galleries & varia
The first publication to pay tribute to Ambroise Vollard the Reunionese and to the exceptional gift made to his island in 1947, exhibited at the Léon Dierx museum.
 Frédéric Morlot & Anne-Margot Ramstein - Albert Einstein\'s Bright Ideas
English edition
Diaphanes - Plato & Co.
The young Albert Einstein has a very important job: he must deliver electricity to the big Oktoberfest celebration in Munich. As he hurries from one merry-go-round to another, nothing seems to be going as planned. With his sister, Maja, Heinrich the dog, and Niels Bohr, a qualified dwarf-thrower, can he win a battle against the laws of the universe? The key just may lie in the question of whether a dumpling can fly faster than light (an illustrated philosophy book for children).
Christiane Geoffroy - On dirait que j\'étais... l\'archipel des Kerguelen
French edition
Analogues - Monographs
A travel notebook covering the artist's stay in Kerguelen Islands, Indian Ocean.
Esther Hoareau - Ocean Camp
French edition
An imaginary odyssey through Réunion Island and Antarctica, inspired by the life of explorer Ernest Shackleton.

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