Errant Bodies
Parole is a series of publications investigating the materiality of language.
Parole #3 - The Hand Writing / Handschrift
English edition
Errant Bodies
The third issue in a series of publications revolving around the materiality of language: a collection of 18 works and texts by international artists and scholars who examine the physical act of writing.
Parole #2 - Phonetic Skin / Phonetische Haut (+ CD)
bilingual edition (English / German)
Errant Bodies
Parole #2 explores the relationship of “skin” to language.
Parole #1 - The Body of the Voice / Stimmkörper (+ CD)
bilingual edition (English / German)
Errant Bodies
currently out of stock
A collection of texts and works dealing with the materiality of language and highlighting the theme from various perspectives.

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