Tetsuo Furudate

Tetsuo Furudate (born in Tokyo) started his career in experimental film and video art in 1981, then he started music and performing art. Attached to the very first generation of the "japanoise" scene but developing an unclassifiable work, he was first the collaborator and friend of Zbigniew Karkowski in Japan, together they created some of the most radical but complex pieces under the name of "World as Will" (after Arthur Schopenhauer's book), some of which were rewritten for the viennese Zeitkratzer Ensemble (received worldwide attention when they created and performed a new version of Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed—including Ulrich Krieger and Anton Lukoszevieze).

(external link : www.tetsuofurudate.info)
Tetsuo Furudate - The Nocturne, The Nightmare and a Fruit (CD)
Sub Rosa
Tetsuo Furudate's new album, featuring Keiko Higuchi and Olga Magieres.

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