John Also Bennett (JAB) is an American musician, composer, and sound designer who primarily utilizes synthesis alongside acoustic instruments including flute and piano. In addition to composing and performing under his own name he is a member of the trio Forma and the duo Seabat, and is active with various other collaborative projects.

(external link : www.johnalsobennett.com)
 JAB - Erg Herbe (vinyl LP)
Shelter Press - Records
John Also Bennett's first solo album.
 JAB - Thoughts Of A Dot As It Travels A Surface (vinyl LP + leporello)
Shelter Press - Records
During his exhibition at Westfälischer Kunstverein in Münster, artist Zin Taylor invited musicians Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett to interpret a 90-meter panoramic wall drawing as a musical graphic score. This vinyl edition gathers the recording of this minimal music performance, along with a 180 cm leporello reproduction of the wall drawing.

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