Created in 2005 by Nico Devos and Penelope Michel, Cercueil is a French trio from Lille.
Ghost opera, still life poetry and black divas's rage who break the crystal, Cercueil sounds like opioid sensuality, electro sewn with gold thread, noisy new-wave and icy core.
Since 2012, Cercueil is touring with an original scenographic device based on videos screening: synchronized to the music, the videos are the subconscious and extension of the musical atmosphere, just to go further in the immersion.
As well as extensively touring Europe (France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Netherland, Germany, Danmark) with bands like  Black Dice, Alan Vega, The Young Gods, PVT, Anika, The Ex, Pantha du Prince, Who Made Who, Zombie Zombie, The Hundred in the hands, Ebony Bones, High Places, Glasser...
Cercueil's members (N. Devos & P. Michel) have worked on several side projects in contemporary arts including audio and visual installations, composing soundscapes and soundtracks to movies, performances, animation movies and general electronic experimentation and interpretation... Some of those works can be found under the name of Puce Moment.

(external link : www.cercueil.org)
 Cercueil - Shoo Straight Shout (CD)
Optical Sound
Cercueil's first album.

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