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Anarchy – In a Manner of SpeakingConversations with Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Nika Dubrovsky, and Assia Turquier-Zauberman

table of contents
Foreword: A dialogue that doesn't cover up its traces
Introduction to anarchy—all the things it is
Reins on the imagination—the illusion of impossibility
Revolutions in common sense
Feminist ethics in anarchy—working with incommensurable perspectives
The three characteristics of statehood and their independence (two for us, one for the cosmos)
America 1—not a democracy, never meant to be
America 2—the indigenous critique & freedom works fine but it's a terrible idea & Lewis Henry Morgan invents anthropology because he's nostalgic & Americans are legal fanatics because of their broken relationship to the land, which they stole
With great responsibility comes precarious tongue-tied intellectuals
Anthropology as art
Anthropology and economics
Freedom 1— which finite resources?
Freedom 2—property and Kant's chiasmic structure of freedom
Freedom 3—friendship, play and quantification
Freedom 4—critical realism, emergent levels of freedom
Freedom 5—negotiating the rules of the game
Play fascism
Leave, disobey, reshuffle
Great man theory and historical necessity
Theories of desire
Graeber reads MBK and proposes a three-way dialectic that ends in care
Art and atrocity
Vampires, cults, hippies
Rules of engagement
Dual sovereignty
Against the politics of opinion
The world upside down (and the mind always upward)
God as transgression and anarchy as God

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