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Béatrice Cussol, Michel Gouéry, Gregory Jacobsen, Charles Pennequin - Plethora
Catalogue bringing together four virtuoso artists in excess, overflow and debauchery.
Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Arsenicgalerie, Paris, in 2021.
Béatrice Cussol (born 1970 in Toulouse, lives and works in Malakoff) is a French artist and writer.
Painter at first, until the middle of the 1990s, then sculptor, Michel Gouéry (born 1959 in Rennes, France, lives and works in Paris) practices ceramics with mastery, employing a register that is singular to say the least. Definitely bizarre, telescoping references to artists of the past, to Dada, to Surrealism, to great writers, as well as to the minor registers of science fiction cinema and comics, his work cultivates the anti-conformist, the incongruous and the perverse, without neglecting the perfect quality of the material.
Gregory Jacobsen is an American painter, writer, musician and performance artist.
“I paint figures, focusing on the little bits that obsess me...a little flab hanging over a waistband, ill-fitting shoes, overbites, noses, teeth, and flesh. Either through portraiture or busy tableaux, I create a world and vocabulary of characters that live and embrace their so-called faults. Over the years, this work has developed into piles that are corpulent and visceral stand-ins for characters. Meat, junk, pasties, and genital-like fruit and vegetables are constructed into heroic yet pathetic towers. These piles also act as a sort of forensic evidence and cataloging of awkward sex, gross gluttony, ridiculous masturbation rituals, and endless humiliation and failure. The work is absurd, grotesque, and a bit brutal, but I try to bring the viewer in with lush and glowing surfaces, creating a disorientating and hilarious balance of revulsion and attraction.”
Charles Pennequin (born 1965 in Cambrai, France) is a writer and performer, an essential figure in French contemporary poetry.

See also L'armée noire (Charles Pennequin & Quentin Faucompré).
Edited by Christophe de Fabry.
Text by Charles Pennequin.
Preface by Philippe Ducat.

Photographs by Gilles Berquet.
published in May 2021
French edition
20,5 x 25 cm (hardcover)
88 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-9577739-0-9
EAN : 9782957773909
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