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Forma / Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani and a Fly) (vinyl LP)

Lucy Railton, Max Eilbacher - Forma / Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani and a Fly) (vinyl LP)
Two pieces that evolve with grace and inspiration in the vast domain of the sound world, each with their own agenda.
Forma by Lucy Railton, is a work that burrows deep inside. It disorientates and teases, without malice. Its beauty lies in gentle projections, which, though subtle, leave deep impressions, like the wings of a nocturnal moth reflecting dark light. Its path, too, is unpredictable, but such disorientation is not a reflection of chaos. Instead, a mysterious intention appears through an imperious unfolding - its logic escapes us, but nevertheless captivates us. It is the story of a becoming of forms, as well as of their fading away and their appearance as a disappearance.
Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani and a Fly), by Max Eilbacher is a teeming piece, a matrix where textures and structures merge together, where the polyrhythmic instances become timbre, where the formal abstraction of the harmonic volutes coagulates around a vibrating form that is actualized in the dramatic reality of a dying fly. And this formal mastery is not disembodied in Max Eilbacher's work and the kaleidoscopic forms of the sound spectra that he has deployed know how to resonate in the sensations and experiences of each one.
British cellist Lucy Railton is also a performer and co-founder of the London Contemporary Music Festival. Heiress of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) (GRM) created by Pierre Schaeffer in 1958, her experimental music with electroacoustic sounds is inspired by the work of Beatriz Ferreyra, Bernard Parmegiani, Iannis Xenakis, Guy Reibel and François Bayle, after whom she pushes back the limits of normality. Emerging from a long-term engagement with contemporary music, her work exists between modern instrumentalism, hard-edged electronic composition and expressive musique concrète.
Her expansive and variegated interests have led to countless collaborations and international appearances, inclulding with inventor and electronic music pioneer Peter Zinovieff, pianist Kit Downes, producer Beatrice Dillon and composer Kali Malone. Railton regularly performs works by composers such as Alvin Lucier, Iannis Xenakis, Morton Feldman and Pauline Oliveros.

See also PDP III (Britton Powell, Lucy Railton & Brian Leeds / Huerco S).
Max Eilbacher is a Baltimore-based intermedia artist who works primarily with sound, video, and performance. His sound practice draws upon traditions of electroacoustic, musique concrète composition and process intensive computer music.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

Graphic design: Stephen O'Malley.
published in July 2020
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