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Another Brown World / Baby Food (vinyl EP)

Coil - Another Brown World / Baby Food (vinyl EP)
Two extra rare tracks by Coil, commissioned by Sub Rosa. Never released on vinyl before.
Side 1:
Another Brown World was written by John Balance & Peter Christopherson. Produced and mixed by Coil, the track was recorded by Danny Hyde at Threshold House, London, Summer 1989. Vocals were recorded at the Animist Monastery situated at the Summit of Mount Popa in Bagan, Burma.

Side 2:
Baby Food was written and performed by Danny Hyde [Essentials] Peter Christopherson [Fundamentals] and John Balance [Vibrant Rays Of Spiritual Psychosis]. Recorded in a storm, this track is the first to utilize the recording process known as Sidereal Sound, a continuation and advancement of the deep listening theories as demonstrated on the album Love's Secret Domain. London, Summer 1993.

These two pieces were commissioned by Sub Rosa for these two specific compilations: Myths 4 – Sinople Twilight in çatal Hüyük and Chaos In Expansion.
Coil is a legendary experimental and industrial music band founded in 1984 by Geff Rushton (John Balance, 1962-2004) and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson (1955-2010).
published in September 2017
black vinyl
2 tracks (12'09 / 12'32)
sold out

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