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Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs)

Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs)  - Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs)
Luxurious box set including 4 catalogues (with more than 200 photographs and 44 original poems) and a double vinyl of the concert by Damo Suzuki and The Fume (a live performance by the ex-singer of CAN, in the continuity of the krautrock movement), prolonging one year of evolving exhibitions and performances at Centre d'Art de Neuchâtel.
The CAN team tries to keep its search for a permanent state of instability fresh. To that end, the team recently launched a cycle of exhibitions and events that aimed to synthesise the art centre's different practical and theoretical con-cerns by looking to bring about a convergence of its institutional self-critique and its programme of exhibitions.
The cycle was called Superamas (supercluster) and involved four consecutive phases. Designed and developed organically, the phases occupied the art centre for a year, from May 2012 to April 2013, taking place one right after the other in an un- broken series in which the ending of one phase and the beginning of the next were indistinguishable. Thus Superamas existed in a permanent state of transformation. The centre's exhibition spaces and administrative offices were gradually fused as well to avoid the formation of the usual distinction in time and space between the conception, materialisation and final layout of a show. The constant movement generated by this nonmethod prevented any clear separation between praxis and theory, while encouraging visions that might furtively emerge from this organic mass.
The themes covered in Superamas revolved around vast questions of time and space, of distance to and presence in the work, and of the conditions that are favourable to the appearance of a utopian moment or the modification of a state of consciousness. With their gravity, even weightiness, it was never a question of bringing these themes up merely to show them in their stupefying totality. We saw them as thematic clouds in the shadow of which we made a journey whose itinerary took shape through the proposals of the artists and the CAN team, and the layout of the lands we encountered.
Far from being an objective report on the experience, the present publication continues along the path running through Superamas by putting to good use the residual energy released during the inevitable mishaps that occurred along the way.
Published on the occasion of the eponymous evolving show at CAN, Neuchâtel, from May 2012 to April 2013.

With Habib Ahmed Afsar, Anna-Maria Bauer, Beni Bischof, Maxime Bondu, Kim Seob Boninsegni, Fabian Boschung & Renaud Loda, Bruno Botella, Ulla von Brandenburg, The Chapuisat Brothers, Jérémy Chevalier, Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, Philippe Därendinger with Guy Meldem & Tatiana Rihs, Gabi Deutsch, Mark Divo, Emmanuel “Paxon” Dupasquier, Lionel Ferchaud, Fred Fischer, Stephan Freivogel, Massimo Furlan & Claire de Ribaupierre, Daniel Gafner, Mariano Gaich, Estelle Gassmann, Pierre Gattoni, Jérôme Hentsch, Peter Hutter, Baudouin de Jaer, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, François Jaques, Gunilla Klingberg, Markus Kummer, Slavek Kwi, Bénédicte Le Pimpec, Jérôme Leuba, Alexandra Leykauf, Beat Lippert, Sarah Lis, Andrew Lord, Céline Masson & Florence Grivel, Ivo Mendes Barão Teixeira, Hazem El Mestikawy, James Miéville, Laurent Montaron, Benoît-Marie Moriceau, Norbert Möslang, Timo Nasseri, Joseph-Maria Odermatt, Arnaud Pearl, Guillaume Pellay, Matthieu Pilloud, Nicolas Provost, Till Rabus, Peter Regli, Damo Suzuki & The Fume, Marion Tampon-Lajarriette, Pierre Vadi, Benjamin Valenza, Sebastien Verdon, Zimoun, Andreas Züst library.
Texts by Arthur de Pury, Julian Thompson, Marie Villemin, Martin Widmer, Marie Léa Zwahlen.

Graphic design: Möslang & Möslang.
Photographs by Anton Satus.
published in April 2014
English edition
33 x 33 x 3,5 cm (box set)
4 x 36 pages (224 b/w ill.), 2 vinyl LPs 180gr
ISBN : 978-2-8399-1383-6
EAN : 9782839913836
in stock
Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs) Superamas (box set + 2 vinyl LPs)

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