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Up from the Archives (CD)

Gerard Malanga - Up from the Archives (CD)
Gerard Malanga's first hand documents from his personal archives, with unpublished music by various personalities.
This record contains rare documents with voices of Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, the American poet Gregory Corso, Jack Kérouac, Willard Maas (some from unknown documents recorded by Malanga himself during the shooting of Warhol's films), a poetry reading at Leo Castelli Gallery in l964 (for the first exhibition of Warhol's famous “Flowers”), a conversation between William Burroughs and Malanga, about “Dreams”...
The record also contains unpublished music by Angus MacLise (Velvet Underground before Velvet Underground and La Monte Young Orchestra with John Cale and Tony Conrad) and new pieces by Iggy Pop and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth). It ends with Gerard Malanga and DJ Olive, live at the “Cooler” of New York... The loop is looped.
Born in the Bronx in 1943, Gerard Malanga is an American poet, photographer, filmmaker, and archivist, and a pivotal figure of the New York art scene. He was Andy Warhol's assistant and collaborator at The Factory from 1963 to 1970, where he filmed over 500 "Screen Tests." In 1969, he founded Interview magazine with John Wilcock & Andy Warhol. From 1970, he dedicated himself to his own photography practice, with a special attention to the portrayal of artists and poets, but also nudes and urban documentation. He has directed several movies, including In Search of the Miraculous (1967), Preraphaelite Dream (1968), and Gerard Malanga's Film Notebooks (2005), which had its world premiere at the Vienna International Film Festival, also known as the Viennale. He is the author of several poetry books, including No Respect: New & Selected Poems 1964-2000 (Black Sparrow Press, 2001) and The New Mélancholia & Other Poems (Bottle of Smoke Press, 2021). His poetry has been published in Poetry, Paris Review, Yale Review and The New Yorker, among others.
published in 2000
CD jewel case + booklet of photo portraits and poems by the artists
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