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L'utopie de Charles Fourier

Simone Debout - L\'utopie de Charles Fourier
An essay to demonstrate Fourier's fundamental role in the emancipation of women and the transformation of society, "for the sake of imagination, of permanent interaction between sensitivity and reason."
Re-edited from the 1978 publication, with four additional articles.
Philosopher and CNRS researcher Simone Debout (1919-2020) devoted part of her life to Charles Fourier. Not only did she edit his complete works in twelve volumes (1966-1968 Anthropos editions, now reedited by Les presses du réel), but also published a critical piece on his Théorie des quatre mouvements (1808), and uncovered a series of notebooks representing the crux of Fourier's work: Le Nouveau Monde amoureux, that had been forgotten for over a century.
published in 1998
French edition
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
272 pages
ISBN : 978-2-84066-026-2
EAN : 9782840660262
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