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Five TracesGeomungo Compositions Vol III (CD)

Baudouin de Jaer - Five Traces
Baudouin de Jaer pursues his exploration of the geomungo, a traditional six-string Korean bass zither, with a wordless opera in three acts.
Composer, violonist, Baudouin de Jaer studied composition with Philippe Boesmans, Henri Pousseur, Frederic Rzewski and at McGill University (Montréal) with Bruce Mather. Works performed by the following ensembles: Synonymes, Besides, Arditti, Quadro, Stream, Ear Unit, Musiques Nouvelles, Orchestre de Mulhouse, National Korean Orchestra, Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège, Timf Seoul Ensemble, Korean Project, Ensemble 21, Ensemble 88. In 2010 he resolved the enigmatic music system of Swiss artist Adolf Wölfli and released a CD called The Heavenly Ladder on Sub Rosa. In 2010, Baudouin de Jaer was awarded a prize from the National Gugak Center for his Gayageum compositions.
published in May 2024
6-panel CD digipack + 16-page booklet
EAN : 5411867115601
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