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Homage to Annea Lockwood (book + CD)

Annea Lockwood, Noel Meek, Mattin - Homage to Annea Lockwood (book + CD)
A book and CD homage to the New Zealand-born American composer Annea Lockwood.
The unique concept for this album was conceived by artists Noel Meek (New Zealand) and Mattin (Basque Country), who each share a deep admiration for Lockwood. A longform Skype conversation between the three artists was arranged at the end of 2020. They discussed politics, aesthetics, and Annea's compositional practice among other things. Noel Meek & Mattin had from the beginning decided that the conversation itself would be used as a score for this album, Homage to Annea Lockwood.
"My work is my way of exploring the world" says Lockwood. Each piece on the album reflects her prismatic compositional practice: sound maps, scores that unfold temporally or environmentally, synchronous with nature, and pianos transplanted to exotic locations (often engulfed in flames). Meek & Mattin maintain a playfulness and curiosity of Annea's sound world; from electronic verbal fizz, a recording of lighting a laptop on fire, hydrophonic diaries from underneath an old oak tree in New Zealand, to a polyphonic choral piece which concludes the album.
Homage to Annea Lockwood is housed in a hand-numbered paperback book, which carries a full transcription of the conversation, in this case… the score, along with lush photographic documentation, and ending with a lovely afterword written by Annea Lockwood.
New Zealand-born American composer Annea Lockwood (born 1939) brings vibrant energy, ceaseless curiosity, and a profound sense of openness to her music. Lockwood's lifelong fascination with the visceral effects of sound in our environments and through our bodies—the way sounds unfold and their myriad "life spans"—serves as the focal point for works ranging from concert music to performance art to multimedia installations.
Annea Lockwood moved to England in 1961, studying composition at the Royal College of Music, London, attending summer courses at Darmstadt, and completing her studies in Cologne and Holland, taking courses in electronic music with Gottfried Michael Koenig. She felt a strong connection to such American composers as Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, and the Sonic Arts Union (Ashley, Behrman, Mumma, Lucier). In 1973 composer Ruth Anderson invited her to teach at Hunter College, CUNY, and Lockwood moved to the US, settling in Crompond, NY. She is an Emerita Professor at Vassar College.
During the 1960s, Lockwood created works such as the Glass Concerts, initiating her focus on timbre and new sound sources. In synchronous homage to Christian Barnard's pioneering heart transplants, Lockwood began a series of Piano Transplants (1969-82) in which defunct pianos were burned, drowned, beached, and planted in an English garden. Piano Burning continues to be performed around the globe.
Lockwood's deep affection for all things water-related is evident throughout her catalog. Her attention to performance works focused on environmental sounds and life narratives began in the 1970s and '80s with World Rhythms and A Sound Map of the Hudson River. A Sound Map of the Danube weaves field recordings of the rivers with recorded stories of the people living and working on the water. Delta Run features a recorded conversation with the sculptor Walter Wincha near the time of his death. Her 2016 tribute to the composer Pauline Oliveros, bayou-borne, for Pauline, is a graphic score; a map of the six converging bayous in Houston, Texas, where Oliveros was born.
Collaboration and improvisation are vital features of Lockwood's output. Jitterbug, commissioned by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company for the dance eyeSpace, incorporates Lockwood's recordings of aquatic insects, and three improvising musicians working from photographs of rock surfaces. She has worked with engineer and sound designer Robert Bielecki on devices such as the Sound Ball, created for Three Short Stories and an Apotheosis in which a ball containing six small speakers and a receiver is rolled, swung on a long cord, and passed around the audience. Lockwood and Bielecki also collaborated on the outdoor installation Wild Energy (2014), which resides in the permanent collection of the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts and draws on geophysical and atmospheric infra and ultra sound sources transposed into the human hearing range.
Lockwood has received commissions from numerous ensembles and solo performers, including Bang On A Can, baritone Thomas Buckner, pianists Sarah Cahill, Lois Svard, and Jennifer Hymer, the Holon Scratch Orchestra, Essential Music, Yarn/Wire, and Issue Project Room.
Her work has been presented internationally at institutions and festivals such as Lucerne Festival, Tectonics Athens Festival, Signale Graz, Counterflows International Festival of Music and Art, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, and many others.
Her music is recorded on the Lovely, XI, Mutable, Pogus, EM Records (Japan), Rattle Records, Recital, Harmonia Mundi, CRI, Superior Viaduct, Black Truffle, Room40, New World, Gruenrekorder, and Moving Furniture Records. Hearing Studies, co-authored with Ruth Anderson, was published by Open Space in 2021.
Noel Meek is an Ōtautahi, Aotearoa based improvisor and composer.
Mattin (Martin Artiach, born 1977 in Bilbao) is a sound artist working with noise and improvisation. His work seeks to address the social and economic structures of experimental sonic artistic production through live performance, recordings and writing. Using a conceptual approach, he aims to question the nature and parameters of improvisation, specifically the relationship between the idea of ”freedom”and constant innovation that it traditionally implies, and the established conventions of improvisation as a genre. Mattin considers improvisation not only as an interaction between performers and instruments, but as a situation involving all the elements that constitute a concert situation, including the audience and the social and architectural space. He tries to expose the stereotypical relation between active performer and passive audience, producing a sense of strangeness and alienation that disturbs this relationship. He is currently doing a PhD at the University of the Basque Country under the supervision of Ray Brassier and Josu Rekalde. He has edited with Anthony Iles the book Noise & Capitalism and in 2012 CAC Brétigny and Tuamaturgia published Uconsitituted Praxis, a book collecting Mattin's writing plus interviews and reviews from performances that he has been part of. Both books are available online.
published in September 2023
English edition
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Homage to Annea Lockwood (book + CD)
Homage to Annea Lockwood (book + CD)
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