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And Who Sees The Mystery (vinyl LP)

Gilles Aubry - And Who Sees The Mystery (vinyl LP)
A music piece based on sound check situations and rehearsals of Amazigh music recorded by Gilles Aubry between 2013 and 2014 in Morocco. Using his microphone as a sound processing device Aubry has transformed further his field recordings in the studio through performative feedback techniques.
Far from an ethnographic account, this composition is an abstract sonic exploration of traditional instruments, rhythms and spaces. It also features a poetic text in Amazigh language by Farid Zalhoud, "Tribute to the Ear", commissioned especially for the project.
300 hand numbered copies.

Gilles Aubry (born 1973 in Switzerland) is an artist, musician, and researcher based in Lausanne and Berlin. He holds an MA in Sound Art from the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK) and a PhD in social anthropology from the Bern University. His work explores sound and listening as embodied, social, aesthetic, and ecological practice. His installations, films, live performances and compositions have been presented in numerous art exhibitions, film festivals, and music venues. Aubry's book Sawt, Bodies, Species – Sonic Pluralism in Morocco (Adocs 2023) offers an account on sound and aurality in Morocco across a wide domain of activities, complemented by audiovisual essays in collaboration with local musicians, artists, and scientists. He teaches at UDK Berlin and ZHdK Zurich.
Gilles Aubry's work has been presented in numerous international exhibitions. As a musician, he released several albums, under his name and with the experimental noise band MONNO. He collaborated with other musicians in various projects, including Tomoko Sauvage, Audrey Chen, Jasmine Guffond, Rob Millis, Ali Faiq, Valerio Tricoli, Ale Hop, Gabisile Motuba, Sabina Leone, Aya Metwalli, Dave Phillips, Antoine Chessex, Nicolas Field, Karen Geyer, Alexei Borisov, Lethe, Keiji Haino, Fe-Mail, Axel Dörner, Klaus Filip, and many more. His records are available on Adocs, Corvo records, Winds Measure, Cronica Electronica, Gruenrekorder, Universinternational, Schraum, Creative Sources, and Absinth Records.
published in December 2017
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