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Luvah #30 – Rapports de force

 - Luvah #30
The return issue of Luvah journal, after a long absence, on the theme of power relations.
Luvah is a journal founded in 1982 by Chantal Guillaume, Jean-Jacques Hasquenoph, Jean-François Masseron and Louis Ucciani.
Contributions by Chantal Guillaume, Barbara Puthomme, Sabine Macher, Louis Ucciani, Michel Giroud, Alexandre Rolla, Jean-Jacques Hasquenoph, Charles Pennequin, Claude Marguier, Cathy Jurado, Matthieu Messagier, Sophie Paymal, Michel Collet, Anna Serra, Florence Andoka, Charles Dreyfus Pechkoff, Hervé Binet, Quentin bob Mercier, Christophe Fiat, Lucas Peutot, Jean-Luc Parant, Alain Helissen, Frédéric Weigel, Marc Lafin, Laurent Thinès.
published in March 2023
French edition
15,5 x 21 (softcover)
134 pages (ill.)
in stock

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