Steven Stapleton

Steven Stapleton (born 1957 in London) is the only permanent member of Nurse With Wound, a pioneer group of English experimental music since the early 80's. With more than 150 releases, alone or with other musicians, he has swept widely different musical styles, from industrial music to mambo, through electronics, improvisation, electroacoustics, with a lot of humor. He has also made appearances on other artists' records and worked as producer (Stereolab). He runs United Dairies, a record label which put out mostly NWW's records and some records of Current 93, The Lemon Kittens, Volcano The Bear.
Steven Stapleton is also a graphic artist. He signs his works by the name of Babs Santini. He has made many covers for Nurse with Wound, as well as other bands like Current 93, Coil, The Legendary Pink Dots. He has been living in Ireland for many years, where he builds houses, trailers with found material.

See also Nurse With Wound.

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