Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon (born 1953 in Rochester) is an American musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the bassist, guitarist, and vocalist of Sonic Youth, which she formed with Thurston Moore, Lee Renaldo and Richard Edson in 1981.
After graduating from the Otis College of Art and Design in L.A. she moved to New York, and worked for several Soho art galleries in the early 1980s. At Jo Bear's request she compiled an exhibition for his new White Columns gallery in 1982. Mike Kelley and Tony Oursler were participants. Dan Graham invited her to join a performance of an all female rock band, which marked the start of her first band, CJM.
In addition to her work as a musician, Gordon has had ventures in record producing, fashion (X-Girl), writing, acting, directing and has worked consistently as a visual artist throughout her musical career. Gordon is also a founding member of the musical project Free Kitten, which she formed with Julia Cafritz in 1993.

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Kim Gordon - Chronicles - Vol.2
no text
Chronicles Vol. 3 combines Kim Gordon's Real Estate Paintings with staged canvases photographed by Josephine Pryde in vacant apartments and offices in and around Kriens and Lucerne. The photos, which were taken using purely analog technology, create a disturbing and enraptured atmosphere.
Kim Gordon - At Issue (vinyl LP)
sold out
A unique live performance at Issue Project Room gathered the former Sonic Youth member and artist Kim Gordon and the legendary minimal blues master and artist Loren Connors in 2014.
Kim Gordon - Is It My Body? - Selected Texts
English edition
Sternberg Press - Institut für Kunstkritik
Critical texts by Kim Gordon brought together for the first time.
Kim Gordon - Chronicles - Vol. 2
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sold out
Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) brings together some of her most personal and unique drawings from a collection gathered over a period of years.
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