Marcus Schmickler

Born 1968 in Cologne, Marcus Schmickler is a composer, improviser, and producer whose work includes electronic compositions, live computer music, sound installations, instrumental composition and improvisation. Most of his works are created for multi-channel sound projection. Recurring interests include synthetic sound, algorithmic systems, spatial texture and sonification. He also writes on topics related to these subjects.
Marcus Schmickler is also known for his influential post-rock project Pluramon (Mille Plateaux / Karaoke Kalk, 1996-2007).

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Marcus Schmickler - Richters Patterns (2 CD)
Tochnit Aleph
Double-CD collecting five of Schmicklers key-works composed & recorded between 2006 and 2016: Richters Patterns (2016), Kemp Echoes (2013), E-UROPAS (2006), Fokker Bifurcations (2014), Ata Oto (2016).

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