Hossein Malek

Hossein Malek (1925-1999) was born in the popular neighborhoods of Tehran. He died in the same town after an exile in Belgium. He was only two years old when he heard for the first time and discovered the Santur with emotion (play by the master Habib Samai who lived next door). He then had several other professors: Nurali Khan Borumand, Abolhassan Saba, and Shokro Ghamar. He enjoyed worldwide fame, playing in most countries of the world and leading an existence of particular intensity. During one special evening in 1970, the Queen of England apologized to the other musicians she invited, saying that what she had just heard was so beautiful that she no longer wished to listen to anyone else.
Hossein Malek - Santur - Occident / Orient (CD)
Sub Rosa
sold out
Two different approaches—the Eastern and Western—to Persian instrument Santur, by musicians Hossein Malek and Leo Kupper.

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