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Laure Prouvost Hit Flash Back
Texts by Nick Aikens, Fanni Fetzer, Bettina Schmitt, conversation between Laure Prouvost, Anna Goetz, Barbara Steveni.
published in November 2016
bilingual edition (English / German)
20 x 27 cm (softcover)
264 pages (color ill.)
ISBN: 978-88-6749-233-6
EAN: 9788867492336
out of print
First publication ever to provide a complete survey of the artist's oeuvre to date: like Prouvost's art, the book is fast-paced and full of quick turns and surprises. It includes a series of essays, a conversation between the artist and her model Barbara Steveni, and a complete list of her works and exhibitions.
Laure Prouvost's art is full of wit, poetry, humor, stories, and unforeseen twists and turns. Whether in her installations, videos, or performances, she never fails to surprise and attract. Are her stories for real? Was her granddad really a conceptual artist who dug a tunnel from Europe to Africa and literally got lost in the artistic process? Prouvost's ways of working and the visual style of her output really only come to life and develop their full intensity in her exhibitions—until now. Together with Kunstmuseum Luzern and the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, Mousse has published the first-ever monograph on Prouvost. Like her art, the book is fast-paced and full of quick turns and surprises; it is no easy task to achieve a true representation of video art in a printed volume. Important authors who have worked closely with Prouvost write about her here for the first time, and the artist herself discusses her life and work with her artistic role model Barbara Steveni. The book also includes a complete list of Prouvost's works and exhibitions. Is Prouvost really the “holy liar” she's been called in the press? Find out for yourself…
Published on the occasion of a three-part exhibition, “Dropped here and then, to live, leave it all behind”, Le Consortium, Dijon, from June 25 to September 25, 2016, “all behind, we'll go deeper, deep down and she will say”, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, from September 3 to November 6, 2016, “And she will say: hi her, ailleurs, to higher grounds”, Kunstmuseum Luzern, from October 29, 2016, to February 12, 2017.
Laure Prouvost (born 1978, lives and works in London) is a wonderful story-teller who seduces her audiences by means of supposedly aesthetically amateurish material, sound and imagination. Her installations combine video, everyday objects, ceramics or painting with architecture, linking truth and poetry to create an idiosyncratic reality. She received the Max Mara Art Prize for Women in 2011 and was the first French artist to win the prestigious Turner Prize in 2013.