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Veduta / Lyon Biennal 2011 – A Terrible Beauty Is Born
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  Biennale de Lyon 2011 Tome 2 – Veduta / Résonance Une terrible beauté est née
Edited by Thierry Raspail, Abdelkader Damani, Frédérique Gautier, Thierry Prat.
Texts by Thierry Raspail, Victoria Noorthoorn, Abdelkader Damani, Nicolas Garait.
published in March 2013
bilingual edition (English / French)
17 x 23 cm (softcover, dust jacket)
656 pages (color ill.)
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A retrospective overview of the 11th edition of the Lyon Biennale (“A Terrible Beauty Is Born”, curated by Argentinean curator Victoria Noorthoorn, gathering 78 artists from all over the world, mostly from Europe, Africa and Latin America), with a focus on the two parallel programs “Veduta” and “Resonance”, held in the Lyon conurbation and its region, with various local actors and cultural and artistic institutions: an exploration of the diversity of visual cultures, guided by the core ideas of convergence and participation.
Works by Bernardo Ortiz, Ulla von Brandenburg, Robert Kusmirowski, Guillaume Leblon, Tracey Rose, Barthélemy Toguo, Augusto de Campos, Michel Huisman, Garrett Phelan, Erika Verzutti, Eduardo Basualdo, Katinka Bock, Julien Discrit, Dominique Petitgand, Aurélien Froment, Pierre Bismuth, Marina de Caro, Robbie Cornelissen, Marlene Dumas, Michel Huisman, Stanislav Filko, Arthur Bispo do Rosario, Ernesto Ballesteros, Guillaume Bijl, The Otolith Group, Robert Filliou, Yona Friedman, Gabriel Sierra, Eva Kotátkova, Christoph Keller, Alberto Giacometti, Christian Lhopital, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Laurent Montaron...

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