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Luigi Ontani CoacerVolubilEllittico
Edited by Andrea Bellini, Luigi Ontani and Marianna Vecellio.
Texts by Jean-Christophe Ammann, Andrea Bellini, Andrea Cortellessa, Natacha Carron Vuillerme.
published in June 2012
French edition
20 x 26 cm (hardcover)
272 pages (237 color & 66 b/w ill., ribbon bookmark)
ISBN: 978-2-84066-552-6
EAN: 9782840665526
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Reference monograph.
Published on the occasion of Luigi Ontani's touring exhibition at Castello di Rivoli, Turin; Le Consortium, Dijon; and Kunsthalle Bern in 2012.
English edition available by JRP|Ringier.
Luigi Ontani (b. 1943) holds a singular position in the contemporary art landscape. Dealing since the beginning of the 1970s with such notions and topics as identity and sexuality, the sacred and the profane, the hybrid and the kitsch, and Occidental and Oriental cultures, he creates a corpus of art works that are qualified by their polymorphous aspect and their denial of boundaries. Whether in his photographic portraits in which he impersonates Leonardo, Dante, Pinocchio, or San Sebastian, in his ceramic or papier-mâché sculptures, in his large paintings, or in his early video works, he affects a new reading of art history, postmodernism, and appropriation strategies.

See also Emanuele Trevi & Giovanna Silva: Ontani in Bali.