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Artforum #60-02 – October 2021

 - Artforum #60-02
Robert Longo, Ed Atkins, Pattern and Decoration, The Velvet Underground, Mona Hatoum, Jay DeFeo, Huguette Caland...
More Real Than Real: Tim Griffin on the art of Robert Longo
"Longo's most recent pieces capture what is made visible when the myths can no longer obscure what lies beneath the surface." —Tim Griffin

Your Loss: Hal Foster on Ed Atkins's The Worm, 2021
"Rather than reiterate how the human is given over to technology, Atkins seeks, perhaps impossibly, to bend technology back toward the human." —Hal Foster

Pattern Recognition: Lynne Cooke on the Pattern and Decoration movement
"The interrelated concepts of decoration, ornament, and pattern are anything but universal, monolithic, and fixed." —Lynne Cooke

You'll Be My Mirror: Amy Taubin speaks with Todd Haynes about The Velvet Underground
"The Velvet Underground burned so quickly that it felt appropriate that the film should have a kind of meteoric trajectory." —Todd Haynes

And: Michael Dango on the art of Mona Hatoum, Lloyd Wise introduces an artist portfolio by Diane Severin Nguyen, Suzanne Hudson on the art of Jay DeFeo, Colby Chamberlain on Huguette Caland, and more than thirty-five exhibition reviews from around the globe.

Plus: Daniel Birnbaum on Christian Boltanski, Audrey Wollen on Kaari Upson, J. Hoberman on Neelon Crawford, Joe Bucciero on Joseph E. Yoakum, Janis Tomlinson on "Goya" at the Fondation Beyeler, and Raque Ford shares her Top Ten.
Artforum is the leading contemporary art magazine and holds the unique roles of institution, nexus, and foremost tastemaker of the art world. It delivers the highest level of critical discourse about contemporary visual culture to a diverse international audience and is often the first to identify artists whose work comes to define eras. Launched in California in 1962, Artforum moved to New York in 1967, where it is still based.
published in October 2021
English edition
26,5 x 26,5 cm (softcover)
304 pages (ill.)
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