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Tout For Tea! (vinyl 10")

Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne - Tout For Tea! (vinyl 10\
Derek Bailey and Eugene Chadbourne in an improvised duet, recorded live on January 2, 1995.
British guitarist, improviser, composer and theorist, Derek Bailey (1930-2015) is one of the pioneers of free improvisation. His collaborations with the great figures of the European, Japanese and American free jazz and experimental scenes are innumerable: Han Bennink, Peter Brötzmann, Noël Akchoté, Joëlle Léandre, Pat Thomas, John Butcher, Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide, Abe Kaoru, Toshinori Kondo, Anthony Braxton, George Lewis, Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, Cyro Baptista, John Zorn, Tony Oxley, Thurston Moore, etc.
Eugene Chadbourne (born 1954 in Mount Vernont, USA) is an American guitarist and music critic. Chadbourne grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and started playing guitar at eleven years old. After a few years playing in a rock band, he began to take an interest in jazz and avant-garde music and started to write about music. At some point, Anthony Braxton told Chadbourne to focus on music rather than journalism, which he did. To avoid military service during the Vietnam War, he moved to Canada in the early 1970s, then moved back to New York where he met John Zorn. The theme of the war will come back often in his songs and in his books. He devoted himself largely to free improvisation and released his first solo album in 1976 on his own label Parachute. In the early 80's, he founded the rock band Shockabilly with Kramer and David Licht. Playing guitar, dobro, banjo and even electric rake (instrument he invented), he navigates between musical styles: pop songs, Country & Western, free improvisations with many musicians of the contemporary jazz scene (Han Bennink, Anthony Braxton, Fred Frith, Alex Ward), covers of all kinds (Nick Drake, Ornette Coleman, and even Johann Sebastian Bach banjo!). He tours regularly in the United States and Europe, solo, duet with drummers (Jimmy Carl Black, Paul Lovens...) or in larger formations.
published in 1995
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