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Rozzo (vinyl 45")

Jacopo Benassi, Untitled Noise - Rozzo (vinyl 45\
Live performance at the RetroStudio, Fiorenzuola d'Arda, 11 July 2022. Including a 16-page booklet of photos by Jacopo Benassi.
Jacopo Benassi: voice, guitar, dildo and japanese axe.
Untitled Noise: Michele Lombardelli, guitar and analog device; Luca Scarabelli, analog noise.
Artist photographer Jacopo Benassi (born in 1966) lives and works in La Spezia, Italia. His work is regularly published within several editorial projects, including Le Dictateur, BTOMICzine, and New Gentlemen's Club, which reflect the affirmation of a singular artistic scene in Italy.
Untitled Noise is the duo of is Michele Lombardelli and Luca Scarabelli, two respected visual artists who have been active in the Italian contemporary art scene for many years. While joint their project, Untitled Noise, is positioned outside of sonic manifestations of visual, artistic, conceptual terms, it cannot be entirely dislocated from this spectrum of thought.
Mastering: Giuseppe Ielasi.
published in January 2023
32 x 32 cm
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