Eraldo Bernocchi

Around 1977, Eraldo Bernocchi (born 1963 in Milan) started playing with some independent punk bands; finding rapidly the medium too limited he heads towards electronic experimental music. In 1985, together with Paolo Bandera and Luca Di Giorgio, he creates the audio conceptual project Sigillum S. 1987 / 1992, he spends five years general managing for tourism in the Far East for a leading wholesaler company. This kind of job enables him to travel most of the time, bringing him in contact with other musical expressions as well with eastern shamanic traditions. This will have a deep influence on his work in the future. Sigillum S quickly becomes an international cult act. Starts to create other projects like Ashes, a solo project. In 1993 together with the visual artist Petulia Mattioli, he creates the cultural project Verba Corrige Productions. It's aim is to provide for different artistic forms a sort of permanent laboratory where interaction could be total. Initial releases were the first Ashes album then Helix,a minimal electronic project. Collaborations with international artists such as Bill Laswell, Mick Harris and James Plotkin. In 1994 together with Petulia Mattioli and Bill Laswell he creates SOMMA, an ideal meeting of shamanic rituals processed by electronic technology and dub cycles. Produces and remixes bands such as Trasmisia and RSU. Overload Lady (1997) is a drum 'n' bass album composed and produced together with Mick Harris on Sub Rosa.

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Eraldo Bernocchi - Music for Fragments from the Inside (CD)
Sub Rosa
sold out
New CD edition of a classic from Sub Rosa's catalogue.
Eraldo Bernocchi - Music for Fragments from the Inside (2 vinyl LP)
Sub Rosa
sold out
First vinyl release of a classic from Sub Rosa's catalogue.
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