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5th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art – When Things Cast No Shadow
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table of contents
Bernd Neumann – Welcome

Hortensia Völckers – Preface

Klaus Biesenbach – City of Gray, Somewhere Between White and Black

Gabriele Horn – Foreword

Georg Simmel – The Berlin Trade Exhibition

Oksana Bolgakowa – Places and stories: Eisenstein's Glass House and his spherical book

Bettina Vismann & Jürgen Mayer H. – Perspiration, or the new National Gallery between cold fronts

Pelin Tan – Can « spaces » be fully capitalized ? Art and gentrification of « non-places »

Beatriz Colomina – The endless museum: Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe

Mes nuits

Vos jours

Francis Ponge – The shrimp

Dieter Roelstraete – Art as object attachment : thoughts on thingness

Rubén Santantonin – Why I call these objects «things»

Boris Arwatow – Everyday life and the culture of the thing

Robert Walser – For Zilch

Rachel Haidu – Use

Konstantin Waginow – The Harpagoniada (excerpt)

Brian Dillon – Notes on hypochondria

Henry Green – Nothing (excerpt)

Georges Didi-Huberman – Expose the nameless

Francis Ponge – My creative method (excerpt)

Robert Walser – Letter to a commissioner of novellas

Adam Szymczyk et Elena Filipovic – When things cast no shadow