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Dada à Zurich – Le mot et l’image (1915-1916)
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Hugo Ball Dada à Zurich Le mot et l’image (1915-1916)
Preface by Michel Giroud.
Translated from the German by Sabine Wolf.
published in 2006
French edition
11 x 17 cm (softcover)
160 pages
ISBN: 978-2-84066-152-8
EAN: 9782840661528
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A critical counterpoint to the famous Tzara's cronic published in the Dada Almanach, by the founder of the Cabaret Voltaire.
Hugo Ball was born 22 February 1886 in Pirmasens, Germany, died 14 September 1927 in San Abbondio, Switzerland. He was the founder of Cabaret Voltaire and Zurich Dada.