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PARIS, LA #16 – Tenth Anniversary Special / The Fashion and Writing Issue
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  PARIS, LA Tenth Anniversary Special / The Fashion and Writing Issue
published in September 2018
English edition
21,6 x 27,9 cm (softcover)
112 pages
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PARIS, LA 16—a tenth anniversary special—focuses on the dual themes of fashion and writing.
Fashion is the creative field where the representation of self goes into effect: the image. Writing is a method, a language, that gives birth to the inner-self: thought. In both cases it is a question of self-expression in relation with others, in image and in thought. It is our way to make sense with the rest of our community. But what happens now in the aftermath of the technological revolution, now that we realize we all share a common time and space together?
In our current age that seems to trip forward with speed, and blindness (particularly in the U.S.), we felt it necessary to bring together in a tango these binary themes, and simply observe their circling realities.
For our 2018 issue, PARIS, LA has invited a perceptive group of artists, designers, and writers to help render our surroundings, including Hilton Als, Marie Angeletti, Will Benedict, Marisa Berenson, Bless, Malik Gaines, Ramon Hungerbühler & Fabian Marti, Item Idem, Katerina Jebb, Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Wyatt Kahn, Chris Kraus, Michèle Lamy, Jean-François Lepage, Tobias Madison, Cassi Namoda, No Sesso, Cédric Rivrain, David Benjamin Sherry, and Lotta Volkova.
PARIS, LA is an independent journal focused on experiments in arts, founded in 2008 by the editor Dorothée Perret (DoPe Press). Published once a year, PARIS, LA operates as an independent creative space and invites each season, artists, designers, photographers and writers to collaborate and to share their vision in relation to a theme.
PARIS, LA is art directed by Madame Paris / Alexandra Ruiz.

PARIS, LA is born of shared perspectives. It's a project, like a love story, that comes from the feeling of being in one place, thinking about another. A place between two cities, between scenes, between people, that exists only in the space of our imagination. In Paris, dreaming of the Pacific. Speaking French in LA. And it's as true as a clear blue sky above us.”
—Dorothée Perret