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Drachen (vinyl LP)
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Mathias Delplanque Drachen (vinyl LP)
Photographs by Francis Meslet.
published in December 2015
vinyl LP + download card
8 tracks
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Nantes-based artist Mathias Delplanque combines a variety of instruments (guitar, bass, melodica, kora, synths…) with live electronic treatment to create a series of eight melancholic pieces which gives prominence to chance and accident.
Including a coupon allowing to download the audio recording.

Also available on CD.
Mathias Delplanque (born 1973 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, lives and works in Nantes) is a French artist whose work consists of ambient, electronic, electro-acoustic and concrete music as well as dub and field recording. He has been refining his unique approach to sound and music for 15 years under his own name and using different pseudonyms (Bidlo, Lena).