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Postcards from Home
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Roc Herms Postcards from Home
Graphic design: Bendita Gloria.
published in 2016
English edition
19,5 x 27,5 cm (softcover)
424 pages (color ill.), 8-page insert
ISBN: 978-84-944187-5-4
EAN: 9788494418754
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Postcards from Home documents the encounters between Roc Herms and several different avatars during his years of participation in a virtual world created for Playstation 3.
Postcards from Home compiles more than five years of work, the years in which Home, a virtual community platform created and managed by Sony for its PlayStation 3 consoles, was active.
Roc Herms was part of this community almost from the start, and after feeling astonished by the amount of people who decided to spend the New Year's Eve of 2009 attending a virtual party, he decided to make his avatar become a photographer and graphically documents all his encounters and conversations, since one of the main characteristics of Home was turning online chats into comic balloons coming out of the characters' mouths.
All along the book, which can be read as a graphic novel, but also as an autobiography, a graphic feature article or an anthropological study, Roc captures his meetings and chats with several people, which serve the purpose of creating a sort of X-ray of contemporary society and of the changes in habits and behaviour typical of virtual realities.
Roc Herms (born 1978, lives and works in Barcelona) starts taking photographs in 2002. Herms conceives photography as a tool to learn, and he manages to combine it with his interest in the Internet, video games and parallel realities: showing his passion for technology and the need to take a step further in the photographic practice. Postcards From Home and <YO> <YO> <YO>, his two long term projects, try to shed some light on the life we live inside the computer. Hacer Pantallazo is an intimate diary made with screenshots, a capture process that he ends up understanding as the ultimate step on photography's digitalisation. His works have been exhibited in “From Here On” (Centre d'Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona) and “Photography 2.0” (Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid) curated by Joan Fontcuberta, as well as in the Noorderlicht Photo Festival (Netherlands) or Platine Festival (Germany).