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Très Chère Mère / Mother Dearest (+ CD)
Andrew Liles [see all titles]
Lenka lente [see all titles]
Andrew Liles Très Chère Mère / Mother Dearest (+ CD)
Photographs by Giulio Di Mauro.
published in December 2016
bilingual edition (English / French)
10 x 15,5 cm (softcover)
80 pages + mini CD
ISBN: 979-10-94601-11-2
EAN: 9791094601112
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Influential musician Andrew Liles releases a dark and fantastic literary work relating to childhood and sufferings, illustrated with six images and a sound piece.
After 3 Poèmes by William Wordsworth, Lenka Lente releases another story of childhood suffering. Mother Dearest poses the questions: is the young narrator a girl or a boy? Is his brother human? Is his father a busy scientist or an idiot hermit? Is his mother a simple (and happy) narcissistic pervert?
Très Chère Mère / Mother Dearest is illustrated throughout and the text is in both English and French. The book comes with an eponymous 13 minute CD.
Andrew Liles (born 1969, United Kingdom) is a prolific solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, remixer and studio engineer. He has worked with many leading lights in experimental and outsider music and is renowned for his extensive contributions to the recordings and live performances of Nurse With Wound and Current 93. Recording since the mid 1980's his work has been used in Theatre, Film, Radio and T.V. He has appeared on well over 200 releases creating a unique, eclectic and diverse back catalogue that crosses many genres and styles.