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Tochnit Aleph (29 titles)

Founded in 1994 by Daniel Lowenbrück (aka Raionbashi), Tochnit Aleph is a Berlin-based label with focus on underground noise, actionist sound-art, and sound-poetry.
These recordings are the outcome of sound experiments performed at the wind tunnel laboratory at Zurich University of the Arts. Accompanied by photographs and a video project by Yan Junjie.

First performance of the original 60-minute composition for string quartet in 4 parts, recorded at the Nitsch Foundation in Vienna in 2016. With Anne Harvey-Nagl and Diane Pascal on violins, Marta Potulska on viola, and Mara Achleitner on cello.

A new electro-acoustic composition by Berlin-based artist Stefan Roigk. The radio play like combination of poetic lectures, vocals treatments, concrete sounds and deep vocal drones is based on several live recordings and performances made between 2012 and 2015.

Fifth part in the Selten Gehörte Musik reissue series: recordings by Dieter Roth and Oswald Wiener, at Mosfellssveit, Iceland, from May 28 to 30, 1976.

English edition
Dorothy Iannone tells her Fluxus Story in a Berlin recording from 1979.

An audio recording of the American artist performing a German folk song while masturbating.

Part four in the Selten Gehörte Musik reissue series, with a recording by Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Dieter Roth, and Gerhard Rühm originally published as a 3LP-Box by Hansjörg Mayer in 1975. Apart from the group session this edition also includes a duo piano session by Dieter Roth and Hermann Nitsch recorded in Stuttgart in November 1975.

Nitsch's Sixth Symphony for large orchestra performed and recorded November 1, 1980 at Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts, Vienna.

New composition by Berlin-based sound artist Stefan Roigk: a highly dynamic and eclectic ride between directed feature, audio-art and faked diary.

First part in the reissue series of all Selten Gehörte Musik records. This is the reissue of the first LP from 1973. Recordings of the 3rd Berliner Poetsworkshop (First Berliner Musicworkshop) with Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, and Oswald Wiener, Berlin 12th & 13th July 1973.

Second part in the reissue series of all Selten Gehörte Musik records. This is the reissue of the Double-LP from 1974. Recordings of the second Berliner Musicworkshop with Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, and Oswald Wiener, Berlin 15th - 26th November 1973. Also included are the two bonus pieces from the 7'' single which came only with the first 100 copies of the original edition.

Third part in the reissue series of all the legendary Selten Gehörte Musik records from the 70's. Originally published as a 3LP-Box by Hansjörg Mayer in 1975, the Münchner Konzert 1974 is performed by all-star artist line-up of Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, Oswald Wiener, Hermann Nitsch and Günter Brus.

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First release of Gerhard Rühm's Radio-Play “Masoch”. A ritual recitation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and Ignatius von Loyola for one female and one male speaker, a chorus of speakers, and tape.

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First ever sound-edition by famous Swiss sculptor and conceptual artist Roman Signer. Recorded 1982 in the River Steinach, St. Gallen, Switzerland.

An anthology of films by the Australian sound poetry / film-maker / artist group.

The long overdue first proper collection of sound-poetry / musique concrete pieces by German installation & conceptual artist Michael Barthel.

Mon's early concrete phonetic poems recorded 1962-64, as well as the radio-play “Ich bin der ich bin die” from 1971.

A collection of 29 pieces recorded 1980-84 by Dominik Steiger. Outsider art home-recordings using voice, acoustic guitar, accordion and bontempi organ.

bilingual booklet (English / German)
CD presenting 37 solo text-pieces, phonetic poems and poetry duets (with Monika Lichtenfeld) written and composed between 1952 and 2010.

bilingual (English / French)
2CD-Box collecting 11 pieces from Jean Dubuffet's “'Expériences musicales” (recorded in 1961) for the first time on CD.

CD-Reissue of the rare 1983 LP by the pioneer of video-art, happening, and Fluxus.

Collaboration performance by this two infamous German visual artists, writers & sound-poets.

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A performance piece about weakness and public embarrassment (edition of 30 numbered copies).

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A performance piece about the Abu Ghraib tortures (edition of 30 numbered copies).

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Remastered recordings of the first performance of Nitsch's 8th Symphony (for Choir, Orchestra, and Noise Orchestra).

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Recording of Hermann Nitsch's mighty pipe organ concert in Berlin, January 22, 2016.

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An experimental film by Oswald Wiener (1965)—copy signed by the artist.

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A musical project that investigates the perception of the otherness of the world of the crippled and their right to their own self-expression.

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Latest works by legendary French sound-poetry pioneer Henri Chopin.