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Pictorial Atlas of a Girl Who Cut a Library into Pieces
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Eva Kot’átková Pictorial Atlas of a Girl Who Cut a Library into Pieces
Edited by Vit Havranek and Eva Kot'átková.
Text by Eva Kot'átková.
published in March 2016
bilingual edition (English / Czech)
17 x 24 cm (2 softcover volumes)
732 pages (268 color ill.)
ISBN: 978-3-03764-361-7
EAN: 9783037643617
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Eva Kot'átková's most ambitious publication to date, divided in two volumes, reflects her obsession with reshaping and hijacking pre-existing photographic images.
The first volume of this publication presents 300 recently realized drawings and collages, a new body of work that has been compiled from an imaginary schoolbook from the 1980s (when the artist was growing up under the totalitarian Communist regime). The second volume, the textual part of the book, is the outcome of three years of research through archives: 22 sets of regulations issued by public institutions (psychiatric hospitals, special-needs schools, house rules, cemeteries, orphanages, etc.) from the 1970s through to the end of the 1980s in Communist Czechoslovakia. These sources reflect the politics of the authoritarian regime and raise educational and social issues.
Published within the context of the series “Tranzit,” edited by Vit Havranek, focusing on Central and Eastern European artists.
Eva Kot'átková (born 1982 in Prague, where she lives and works) studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, the Prague Academy of Applied Arts, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the Akademie Bildende Kunst Wien between 2002 and 2007. In 2007, at the age of 25, she became the youngest person to be awarded the Jindrich Chalupecky Award for young artists in the Czech Republic. Kotatkova exhibits extensively internationally and in the Czech Republic, and her work is included in numerous private and public collections.