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Nakano Sakaue – Verhandelte Zeichen
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Olaf Holzapfel Nakano Sakaue Verhandelte Zeichen
Text by Andreas Spiegl.

Design by Surface.
published in 2009
bilingual edition (English / German)
22 x 27,5 cm (hardcover)
112 pages (53 color and 15 b/w ill.)
ISBN: 978-1-933128-65-8
EAN: 9781933128658
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Nakano Sakaue documents a series of photographs realized by Olaf Holzapfel during a residency in Tokyo. The artist has depicted a kind of residue from the city's buildings: neon lights, images, and street signs, which are featured as so many promises for orientation. Most prominent are the signs that guide the blind: they are markings in the ground, forming a guidance system that can be felt by a blind person's cane. As a rule, the marks are long, yellow grooves or dotted surfaces that inform whether a route continues or changes direction. These marks constitute a city within the city, the markings of an unseen city in the midst of the visible city.
Holzapfel's attention is drawn precisely to this motif: at the intersection of visible and invisible, a system of coordinates exists for a visual concept that uses the discernible to discuss the imperceptible.
Olaf Holzapfel's work (born 1969 in Görlitz, lives and works in Berlin) demonstrates a strong interest in modern technology and the dehumanization of trade and information systems.

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