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Mécanique Magenta (+ CD)
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Pierre Malphettes Mécanique Magenta (+ CD)
Texts by Gilles Clément and Léa Gauthier.
Drawing by Lina Jabbour.
Music by Eddy Godeberge, Julien Hô Kim, Christophe Rodomisto.
published in 2008
French edition
18,5 x 24 cm (relié)
96 pages (color ill.), with audio CD
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ISBN: 978-2-918063-00-1
EAN: 9782918063001
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French artist Pierre Malphettes travelled from Marseille to North Scotland in a 504 Peugeot surmounted by a magenta luminous box. He crossed the landscapes, he realized a film, he took photos.
This publication, somewhere between a catalogue and an artist's book, offers the memory of this journey, it is its transposition. The photos become the occasion of meetings and dialogues with the writer Gilles Clément and the art critic Léa Gauthier, and with Lina Jabbour's drawings; Eddy Godeberge, Julien Hô Kim, Christophe Rodomisto composed an album using the sounds recorded during the journey.
Born in 1970 in Paris, Pierre Malphettes lives and works in Marseille.