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United Dead Artists (73 titles)

Founded in 2010 by French drawer and artist Stéphane Blanquet, a prolific figure in the contemporary art scene since the end of the 1980's, United Dead Artists publishes monographs, magazines, and art objects.
A sequel to Brut de carnet with a selection of drawings from Lolmède's 2010 personal notebook.

A portrait gallery of metal monsters.

Produced during the 1970's & 1980's, this series of linocuts by Roland Topor consists on a variation on sex and death. The hardness of the line gives the illustrations an apparent solemnity softened by their amusing titles.

As in mythological tales, the characters in Anne van der Linden's paintings and drawings are mortals, animals, angels and demons, all coexisting in a lascivious Pandemonium. Vivid colors and rough strokes render well the grotesque essence of these bestial & erotic scenes whose symbolism could be compared to Frida Kahlo's surrealistic language.

Viande de chevet (“bedside meat”) gathers the burgeoning work from a collective of United Dead Artists's illustrators, in the same vein as Tendon Revolver publications.

Blexbolex has partnered with German artist Stefanie Schilling for the making of 47 papier mâché masks representing monsters, skulls, demons and animals... A colorful procession of resurrected souls on a Mexican day of the Dead.

This impressive book of over 300 pages gathers a selection of drawings and paintings taken from Laurent Lolmède's personal notebooks from 1988 to 2010.

An erotic series of staged photographs exploring the margins of sexuality, including bondage and fetishism. The use of chiaroscuro shapes the woman's body in a refined and vintage manner, light beams and shadow play contribute to create an atmosphere close to goth & queer aesthetics also close to Pierre Molinier's works.

The third issue of Le Tendon Revolver's erotic & macabre graphic eccentricities. With front and back covers by Jonathon Rosen and Ludovic Levasseur.

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Le Tendon Revolver's second issue: a visual trigger loaded with the most bizarre yet talented artists from the graphic scene. Front and back covers by Gilles Berquet and Frederic Fleury.

The third issue of United Dead Artists' visual magazine gathers contributions by regular signatures (Blanquet, Lolmède, Anne Van der Linden, Gilles Berquet among others) and living legend (Robert Crumb). Comes with a vinyl recording of William S. Burroughs and a tabloid “Pascal Doury est mort” devoted to the poet-artist's work.

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Somewhere between Hieronymus Bosch and Roald Dahl, Amandine Urruty's frescoes picture a particularly rich wonderland inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. A graphite virtuoso, Urruty uses sfumato technique with abundant details to form her baroque & bubblegum universe.

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Artist Stéphane Blanquet re-draws a collection of (mostly) vintage pornographic pictures. These disturbing diptychs constitute an essential catalog of sexual fantasies and oddities.

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A series of speechless strips made in Indian ink describing absurd warfare conflicts set in bucolic landscapes.

French edition
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The series of drawings from “Le lac sombre” (“The Dark Lake”) were inspired by an episode from La Peste Brune (The Brown Plague), a written account of Germany in the Thirties by french writer, theorist and activist Daniel Guérin. There he described his encounter with the Wild Boys, a group from the “Wandervögel” movement, a libertarian youth community which crossed Germany and its history from 1896 to 1936.

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Symmetrical portraits of female characters and unidentified creatures cut in black paper.

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Olivia Clavel's long-awaited return to comics, with the new adventures of Télé, the screen-face character and Clavel's alter-ego created in 1976.

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Third issue of United Dead Artists' illustrated newspaper.

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Special issue: 12 pages / 12 authors. An erotic & nightmarish cover illustration by Stephane Blanquet, a masochistic fantasy by Namio Harukawa, a Metal Monster by Francesco Defourny and many more.

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150 drawings of callipygian women dominating men: Namio Haruka's second book at United Dead Artists still focuses on his obsession for BDSM scenes.

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Dark romanticism revisited: Aleksandra Waliszewska' Gothic paintings are a nightmarish blend of European folklore and Mythological influences, macabre characters plunged on the brink of insanity, funeral landscapes, powerful irrational and morbid scenes... “Of bloody dreams, black threats, traps in the forest, tight throat, wasted faces...”.

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A series of drawings illustrating Haldernablou, an homoerotic text by 19-year-old Alfred Jarry and first published in 1894.

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The many ways to get pleasure from a tree, a log, a wooden stick...

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