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Anarchive (5 titles)

Anarchives – digital archives on contemporary art – is a series of DVD-Roms, directed by Anne-Marie Duguet, designed to explore an artist's overall œuvre via diverse archival material.
bilingual edition (English / French)
Three-volume box set dedicated to Peter Campus's work, one of the most important pioneers of video art (Catalogue of the first monographic exhibition of the artist in France at Jeu de Paume; facsimile of an out of print exhibition catalogue from 1974; Augmented Reality book including all Campus's work since 1971).

trilingual edition (English / Japanese / French)
The groundbreaking work of Masaki Fujihata presented as an immersive intermedia experience through augmented reality technology (retrospective monograph under the form of a ring binder, with a dedicated AR application).

trilingual edition (English / Japanese / French)
First comprehensive monograph dedicated to the Japanese artist's fog sculptures: a luxurious box set gathering an annotated catalogue of Nakaya's Fog Works created for public spaces all over the world (as well as her video works and paintings), a video DVD and an interactive DVD-ROM.

bilingual edition (English / French)
All at once an original creation, as well as a database of the whole work of one of the pioneers of video art in Switzerland (DVD + DVD-ROM: 88 videos, 930 images, 57 texts).

bilingual edition (English / French)
last available copies!
A book and a DVD-ROM by Thierry Kuntzel (notes, essays, works, database).