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Virginie Yassef
Since the 1990s Virginie Yassef (born 1970 in Grasse, lives and works in Paris) has been exploring media including video, painting, photography and sculpture. Flushing out our buried emotions and our capacity for wonder with a witty inventiveness all her own, she creates worlds in which everyday acts take on a fantastic dimension as registers, references, historical strata and levels of interpretation all overlap. From one scenario to another the forms she devises reappear and mutate in line with her narrative variations. She constructs hypotheses just as she constructs buildings, in a constant oscillation between the mental and the physical—a game without rules that helps define a potential space for experiment somewhere between the surface of reality and fantastical projection.

bilingual edition (English / French)
A conversation with multidisciplinary artist Virginie Yassef about her work The Veldt, inspired by a play by writer Ray Bradbury. An interview contucted by Julie Pellerin, Mathieu Copeland, and Philippe Quesne.