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Alex Cecchetti
Artist, poet and choreographer, creator of performances and idiosyncratic objects, Alex Cecchetti (born 1977 in Terni, Italy, lives and works in Paris) has developed a unique practice, difficult to classify, that could be called art of avoidance: tactical and poetic, aesthetic and materialistic, its system leads to produce specific situations or objects that can exist both inside and outside the traditional exhibitions. It is in this double movement of representation and conceal that it's possible to inscribe his staging of invisible choreographies of hidden nudes and sleeping dancers. His work is focused in the construction of specific narratives that are experienced both mentally and physically by the audience.
(external link: www.alexcecchetti.com)

English edition
Sternberg Press
A mystery murder artist's novel by Alex Cecchetti, in which the artist and narrator realises he is dead and decides to investigate the causes of his own death.

bilingual edition (English / French)
A conversation with artist, poet and choreographer Alex Cecchetti, creator of performances and idiosyncratic objects.

English edition
With Marie and William, Alex Cecchetti attempts to transpose the performative gesture in the space of the book.