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Angela Bulloch
Angela Bulloch (born 1966 in Rainy River, Ontario, Canada, lives and works in Berlin) is an artist working across many forms such as sculpture, installation'and sound. In her work, Bulloch adopts an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating references from a'wide array of sources, be it history, film or music. Bulloch's works span many forms, but they all manifest her interest in systems, patterns and rules, and the creative territory between mathematics and aesthetics. A common thread in her artistic practice is the manipulation of codes and a sense of control. Whether that code is music- or text-based, the artist plays with and orchestrates our perception and experience of art. She proposes that this experience can be “subliminally programmed” and her work stages that which is beyond our grasp. Bulloch is affiliated with the generation of the Young British Artists.

See also Angela Bulloch & Maria Zerres.

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