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William Pope.L
William Pope.L (born 1955, New Jersey, lives and works in Chicago) is a visual and performance-theater artist and educator who makes culture out of contraries and confronts issues of race, sex, power, consumerism, and social class. Among his best-known works are the "crawls," a series of performances staged since 1978, in which he inches his way through busy city streets on his belly, back, hands, and knees in an attempt to draw attention to the plight of those members of society who are least empowered. He has been making multi-disciplinary works since the 1970s, and has exhibited internationally.

English edition
This book is a three-part report on the long-term collaboration between artist Pope.L and curator Dieter Roelstraete which revolves around issues of connectedness, home, and migration, while addressing art's relationship to knowledge.

bilingual edition (English / French)
La Panacée
Documenting Pope.L's exhibition at La Panacée, this catalogue's content comprises texts from the curators, Nicolas Bourriaud and Noam Segal, and photographs of the show. Pope.L worked in close collaboration with graphic designer Johanna Himmelsbach on this editorial project.

English edition
Artist's book.