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Dario Gamboni
Dario Gamboni (born 1954 in Yverdon, Switzerland) is Professor of Art History at the University of Geneva.

French edition
Ambiguity is inherent in images because visual perception is an interpretative act involving memory and imagination. Modern art has made this aspect of perception crucial to its relationship with the viewer. Images potentielles (Potential Images), the first systematic exploration of this topic, considers those works of art that rely to a great degree on imaginative response.

French edition
The relationship between Modern art and its destruction.

French edition
An essay that renews the study of Gauguin, highlighting the consistency that connects the entire production of the painter, based on his exploration of the relationship between perception, cognition and imagination, and that connects his interests in psychology, ethnology, history of religion and the natural sciences, not to mention the art of all times and all cultures.