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Mario Pfeifer
Mario Pfeifer (born 1981 in Dresden, lives and works in Berlin and New York) is a German filmmaking artist.

See also Mario Pfeifer & Kamran Sadeghi.
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bilingual edition (English / Spanish)
Sternberg Press
This publication describes the making of a multiple-screen video installation made by Mario Pfeifer while living on Navarino Island, Chile. This anthropological film looks at the life of the descendants of the area's indigenous Yaghan people, and portrays a nation and community that is violently undergoing cultural and religious, social, political and economic transformation.

English edition
Sternberg Press
The book discusses Mario Pfeifer's recent 16mm film installation Reconsidering The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California by Lewis Baltz, 1974. This installation, consisting of two synchronized, looped, and parallel projected films, takes it point of departure from the first monograph of Baltz's work, published by Castelli Graphics, New York in 1974.