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Here and There n° 06 – Unexpected traveling issue

Cosmic Wonder - Text by Nakako Hayashi
Eclipse by Yukinori Maeda - Photography by Takashi Homma
Unexpected traveling
From Paris to Bangalore - Photography by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
Visiting a house in Bordeaux by Rem Koolhaas - Text and photography by Anne Daems
Conversation with Susan Cianciolo 2006 Spring - Text by Nakako Hayashi
Magic Star by Susan Cianciolo - Photography by Els Beusen
Trees of Paris - Texts and Photography by Elein Fleiss
Artist as a mother
Yoshimi, Yayako Uchida, Takao Minekawa, Yurie Nagashima - Photography by Yurie Nagashima
Beyond fashion
Part 1 - The incomplete ABC of Bless
Part 2 - Bless retrospective exhibition
Nakako Hayashi : autres titres

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