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What's Legit?Critiques of Law and Strategies of Rights

Liza Mattutat, Roberto Nigro, Nadine Schiel, Heiko Stubenrauch
What's Legit? Introduction

Inventing Rights

Laurent de Sutter
Against Law: The 1960s Anti-Jurid ical Moment in France

Susanne Krasmann
On Thinking and Feeling: The Law of Cultural Heritage

Fares Chalabi
Intensive Listening: Unfolding the Notion of Justice Through Reading the Work of Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Fighting for Rights

Alisa Del Re
Women in Europe: A Variable Geometry Citizenship

Paolo Napoli
Instituting Revisited: For a Materialistic Conception of the Institution

Overcoming Law

Daniel Loick
"...as if it were a thing": A Feminist Critique of Consent

Franziska Dübgen
Rethinking the Law: Taking Clues from Ubuntu Philosophy

Deconstructing Law

Peter Goodrich
Specters of Critique: Hauntology and the Ghosts of Law

Manuela Klaut
On the Run from the Law: Alexander Kluge's Yesterday Girl as Cinematic Institution of Subsumption

Transforming Law

Christoph Menke
Genealogy, Paradox, Transformation: Basic Elements of a Critique of Rights

Benno Zabel
The Anarchy of Rights: On the Dialectic of Freedom and Authority

Jonas Heller
Deforming Rights: Arendt's Theory of a Claim to Law


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